Startmeeting Screen Share & Conferencing tool


I have just starting using this really user friendly screen sharing tool called Startmeeting.   Starting at $19.95 per month for up to
50 partisipants, they are more than half the cost of competing screen sharing  services.  Startmeeting also has very competitive audio conferencing rates at 3.9cents per user per minute!

The most unique feature of this service is the ability to record your screen for
presentations , online tutorials and share your recorded link with anyone just
by sending them the link(Click to see Studio demo).
You can even share the recording & Presentation with social media
like Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

StartMeeting Features:

  • Recording and unlimited playback that you can share anywhere with a simple link.
  • Integration with Social media for sharing content
  • Customizable greetings for your participants
  • Most competitive prices in the industry

(Click to see all of Start Meeting features and setup information)

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Hosted Voip Vs. Hardware based PBX Comparison Tool!!

With the ever increasing  amount of small to medium businesses  converting from traditional hardware based phone systems to the more feature rich Hosted Voip phone systems, we have created a cost comparison tool to help with the decision making process.

You will find that some companies that sell the traditional phone systems and others that sell the Hosted Voip systems.  Voice Over Communications sells both.  We can help you determine which solution is best for your business instead trying to push one product over another because it is the only option.

Please click on the Link to view the tool:     Hosted Voip comparison tool

If you need help filling in the information on this tool please contact us and we would be happy to assist!

Alex Earnhardt


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Advantages of a Telecom Consultant

If you haven’t looked at your telecommunications services in a while or you are looking at making some changes, you might want to consider a telecommunications consultant.

The biggest difference between dealing with a telecom sales person and dealing with a telecom consultant is that the consultant works for you and will find the best solution for you and your business; whereas, the telecom sales person is limited to the products of the carrier that they represent.   The telecommunications consultant will analyze your current contract; provide advice and estimates, and even reduce your overall telecommunication expenses.
Believe it or not, a lot of businesses are paying for services they don’t need and paying too much for services that they do need.  For this reason, it is a good idea to have an expert audit your current bills and configuration.

Top 7 Reasons for using a Telecommunications Consultant

Single Point of Contact. Instead of meeting with 5 sales people, your consultant will provide multiple quotes from various carriers, thus saving you time.

Project Management. From the signing of the contract to the installation of services, the Consultant will be there every step of the way, keeping you abreast of the process.

They Work for You. Kind of like an owner’s representative, they will familiarize themselves with your business and look for the best solution.

They are the Telecom Expert. The consultant is required to attend training classes of the various carriers they represent.  They are typically are very familiar with the latest technology including: VOIP, MPLS, call center applications, and SIP technologies.

They will give you an Unbiased Opinion. Telecom Consultants represent multiple carriers and understands their products and limitations.  They will let you know what is best for your business.

They will get you the Best Price. Once the consultant has determined the best solution, he/she will shop the carriers that can provide such a solution.

They are interested in a long term relationship.   Most direct sales reps averages around 1-2 years with a carrier.  They are compensated right after the sale and only get paid for bringing in new sales and thus are motivated to move on quickly.  The Consultant is residual based.  It typically takes the consultant over 24 months to get paid what the direct salesrepresentative gets paid right after sale.  The consultant wants a happy customer because a happy customer becomes a customer for life.

In closing, partnering with a consultant allows you to always have someone on your side that knows your business and understands your needs.  They are in it for the long haul and they will always look to align your needs with the right carrier for the best price.

Please contact us if you would like further information.

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Voice Over Communications March 2012 Newletter

Our March 2012 productivity newsletter is out.     Here is the link to the Newsletter.

If you have any questions please contact us.


Thank you!

Alex Earnhardt

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4 Reasons to Switch to Hosted VOIP

Is Hosted VOIP right for your business?  Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) based phone systems have become all of the buzz.
Most systems come with state of the art phones, with nice display
screens and features comparable with an enterprise level phone system, for a fraction of the cost.

So how does it work?  VoIP replaces your traditional phone system into a cloud based phone system that allows you to transmit voice telephone calls over a private IP network.

4 Reasons to Switch to VOIP

1. The Cost.

  • Little to no upfront cost.
  • Most VOIP systems also include a warranty for equipment and software.
  • Moves, adds, and changes (MAC’s) are made easy with the web based interface, doing away with the hourly rate typically billed for said services on a traditional phone system.

2. Feature Rich System Management

  • Web based interface allows for easy changes to any extension on the network
  • Sophisticated features found in an enterprise based phone system such as Direct Inward Dialing, Call Detail Reporting, andComputer Telephony Integration (CTI) capabilities come standard.
  • It’s easy to add new applications such as integration
    to mobile devices, Call Center, and Unified Messaging (voicemail, email and

3. Portability

  • VoIP is portable.  In most case, you can work anywhere that has a broadband connection.
  • You can have multiple locations, acting as a single location.
  • Remote /home office/virtual office users can be an extension off of your hosted Voip phone system.

4. Disaster Recovery

  • Little to no down time.
  • In the event of an outage, calls will auto re-route to a predetermined location of your choice.

VOIP is also great for growth and flexibility. You can add one person or an entire branch
office for a fraction of the cost of a traditional phone system by simply adding an internet connection and the number of phones needed for the new site.  This new site will be controlled from the cloud, just like your existing site and have all the features.

Just like all technology, VoIP can have its issues too.  Poor broadband Internet connections can cause call quality problems.   Just keep in mind that your call quality is only as good as your connection.  Be sure to choose a provider that guarantees voice quality of service over their network.

For a free consultation on VOIP or any telecommunications service, contact Voice Over Communications. Also  you can view our Hosted VOIP Presentation for more detailed information.

Lisa A Earnhardt, Director of Marketing VOC





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Windstreams New Hosted Phone system bundle

Windstream  recently introduced a great bundled hosted phone system that includes all of the features of an enterprise PBX for a fraction of the cost.  This is an excellent product for small to medium businesses.  It also  includes all of your voice and data services in the package so businesses have ONE provider to handle their services and phone equipment needs.

Check out the below link for a demo of some of the features.  The Toolbar is the most unique feature that integrates with Outlook and your Web Browser.

Windstream VOIP demo user guide

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Voice Over Communications Newsletter!

Take a look to see our latest updates!

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